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WIC and Nutrition Services

Food Stamp Screening and Outreach

Helping eligible people put healthy foods on the table.

Many Somerset County residents who are eligible for food stamps are not receiving them, but Somerset County Tapestry of Health can help. We offer information about the Food Stamp Program and assistance in applying for food stamps. Those wanting to apply may call our office to set up an appointment. The application process may be completed through a phone interview.

Eligibility for Food Stamps is based on income and household size, For more information about the Food Stamp program, click here.

To find out more about this Somerset County Tapestry service, or to apply for Food Stamp benefits through the program, please call:
814-443-1901 or 1-800-352-3532 to set up an appointment.

Determination of eligibility and administration of benefits is provided locally through the Somerset County Assistance Office.

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